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Sinterklaas is a widely celebrated and typical Dutch tradition. Although Sinterklaas himself is based upon the story of a Christian saint, today's tights with religion are virtually absent. The event of Sinterklaas nowadays is a non-religious tradition that is enjoyed by people from all religions. Sinterklaas himself is typically a well-spoken but slightly unbehaved person; he enjoys a certain level of respect from everyone, both children and adults.

History and origin

Sinterklaas is believed to have been a Christian Saint, living in Turkey.

Sinterklaas for children

The "Sinterklaas feest", the event of Sinterklaas, is celebrated on basically every school in the Netherlands. Young children, mostly aged 4 till 8, believe Sinterklaas is an misterically old man, who comes over from his house in Spain to give presents to all the children who have behaved well during the year since his last visit. Children sing special 'Sinterklaas' songs, and usually the school makes sure there is a small present for everyone. Also, virtually every primary school invites Sinterklaas for a visit to say hello to the children.

Older children, who do not longer belief that Sinterklaas is a real person, make up presents for eachother. The presents are accompanied by a poem, in which the receiver of the present is made fun of (in a nice and respectable way!).


The second or third sathurday of November: Sinterklaas and his helpers arrive by boat in one of the Dutch harbour cities.
The 5th of December: Sinterklaas' actual birthday
The 6th of December: Sinterklaas leaves the Netherlands, but off course to come back next year.

HulpSinterklaas.com & company visits

Many companies invite Sinterklaas for a visit. Sinterklaas speaks fluent English and can tell you and your collegues the story about his celebration. And just as he does to Dutch speaking employees, he will make fun of everybody.

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If you want to know more about Sinterklaas and his historical background, we suggest Sinterklaas on Wikipedia (English) for more detailed information.